Majestic Interactive
Majestic is a fully hosted database platform, bulk marketing tool and sales force management system all in one.

Centred around the concept of a Communication Journey, Majestic is a master at lead generation and contact management, with fully customisable CRM and sales force functionality. With full viral marketing capability and gateways into Email, SMS and fax, we can customise a solution to meet the needs of any business or brand.

Majestic is set up to be automated. Your business carries on as normal while the system grows, manages and regularly communicates with your customers and prospects to stimulate sales. The system is customisable which means you don't have to incur large development costs or wait days for simple changes to be made. This is a NOW solution.

And we can cross-market your brand across other business too! That is why we get response rates over 1,000% above industry average.

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The Secret is in the Journey...

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